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Re: Lifter debate

> I recall a debate on this earlier a while back.  I had the same 
> problem, but a number of folks basically said to just live with it, 
> they won't cause any problems. One lister posted his story of actually 
> spending the $$ replacing them only to have the clainking again a short 
> time later.
> Seems like the repsonses now practically all say to get them replaced 
> and that noisy lifters can cause problems.  Now I am confused!!
... if you're already in there it is cheap insurance.  The only thing that 
bothers me is the occasional odd looks I get when they are really making 
noise.  Make sure that the lifters are your problem though ... exhaust 
leaks can make precisely the same sound (but tend to be noisy when the 
car is cold and go away when it warms up).  Another item to think about 
is the fact that Audi has published several TSBs on eliminating lifter 
noise, one relating to an oil return line in the side of the block.  IME
replacing the valve made no difference, but it might work and its a lot 
cheaper and easier than R/Ring the lifters themselves.  

I wish I could retrofit a solid lifter head on mine!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)