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RE: UI Comment

>Gee, my '71 911 with ~160 hp stuck the throttle wide open in 2nd  - and it 
>certainly had enuf power to overcome the brakes!!!  I am not sure if the 
>brakes on the 91 200q would bring the car to a stop if one was doing about 
>2500 rpm and hit WOT and the brakes. Not gonna try it either (I hope).

Then the brakes on your 911 did NOT work.....

Let's see the brakes on my 5KCSTQ generate about 1800HP on braking 
energy.... My modified engine is making 300 +/- hp.....  No doubt which 
pedal is going to win.......

I can run my car at 70mph in third hit wot get 64" of Boost (17psi) and 
then whack the brake pedal get the ABS cycling and come to a stop in only 
10% more distance than if I had not gone wot.........


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO