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Pikes Peak/Mt. Washington Hillclimb oldest?

In message <8257200904101996/A72135/CSAV10/11AA22543500*@MHS.minedu.govt.nz> Dave Eaton writes:

> ahhh, michelle mouton.  the memories of her in a group b quattro s1 come 
> flooding back. it was great for me, not so sure if it was great for 
> her.....

> a woman with much mumbo (and she still looks great @45).....

Indeed she does.  She now has a young fanily of her own, but managed to look 
uniquely French (a.k.a. "stunning") at the Goodwood event.  The original seat 
wasn't _that_ optimal, but she managed.  One of the options being discussed 
(the UK quattro Owners Club is relatively cash-rich at present) is a 
distribution of original prints of club photographs to members.  The 
official picture of Michele's award at Goodwood would be one of them.  She 
looks _wonderful_.

 Phil Payne 
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club