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Re: '85 GT dead clutch HELP!!

Hi Eric, sorry to hear this:

>Would this indicate a hydraulic actuator problem?  Maybe the slave cylinder
>is dead, or my rebuild of the master didn't take?  Is it possible to
>check and/or remove the slave cylinder from the transmission while the
>tranny is still in the car?

Yes, that's easy.

>Any other ideas of causes for this problem?  PLEASE offer any advice you
>can give.  I need to get this fixed ASAP!

Since you did not mention anything snapping when that happened, I guess the 
mechanical part is fine (the fork first of all).
Evidently you did not replace the slave cylinder when you rebuilt the 
master. You should've done them both AND the pressure hose as well. 

If you are still on the original slave of the '85 vintage, I'd suggest you 
remove it and open up (its eazy, just knock out a locking pin with a drive). 
Get ready to see it full of muddy substance that used to be brake fluid and 
rubber O-rings in their past life.  Be aware that Audi does not provide a 
rebuild kit for a slave, so get the slave beforehand if you intend to open 
it up.
Igor Kessel
the sweetheart: 200TQ, chipped and MOMO'd through out,
in Tornado "arrest-me-officer" Red;
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