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Re: Lifter debate

Hairy green toads from Mars made Scott Bermes say:

> I recall a debate on this earlier a while back.  I had the same 
> problem, but a number of folks basically said to just live with it, 
> they won't cause any problems. One lister posted his story of actually 
> spending the $$ replacing them only to have the clainking again a short 
> time later.
> Seems like the repsonses now practically all say to get them replaced 
> and that noisy lifters can cause problems.  Now I am confused!!

I've always heard that unless they are REALLY NOISY, there is no
problem with them. Especially if the noise diminshes at temperature.

Are you sure it's the lifters? The charcoal canister purge valve
clicks about 2-3 times/second, and sounds a lot like lifters.


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