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Re: Spinnin' Audis

In a message dated 96-10-04 18:04:09 EDT, you write:

 > At 300hp better to put power
 > to the ground too....  Translate that to a road car, the M3 comes out
 > tho, at least until someone figgrs on a 300hp A4q, 
 MTM have - well 286hp actually. AND its got quattro which the M3 hasn't.
>>Hmmmm...  And at what price?   the MTM like the euro 286/300hp M3/.2 is not
available in the states....  Might make a very interesting comparo, price,
performance, track times.....  I don't think the M3 gives anything to the A4
in stock trim here....  And 1.8L4 vs a 3.2L6 is a really tough comparo, even
with 5v per cyl....  
 > talked to a guy yesterday
 > that is making a 330hp 1.8turbo for our side of the pond, like the idea,
 > I already have a motorcycle engine......   in my motorcycle........
 WHHOOAAAAA - that's MY motor you're calling a motorcycle engine. I've driven
 the 2.6 V6 and I can tell you the 1.8 four feels much smoother and revs much
 more willingly - at least in turbo form.

>>>>  True at 187hp....  I personally would do exacly what you did, buy the
1.8 and put some v6 power = tweeks to it, I assure you turbos+tweeks are one
of my passions....  However, getting 330 hp from a 1.8L is a little different
than 150 or 200, that is more than double the stock hp level, and 75% MORE
TWEEKED than what you are driving now, Greg....  Hence my motorcycle
argument.....  No doubt in my mind that a properly setup A4tq will smoke a v6
in any trim, but putting 330hp into a 4cyl tq is not an easy proj vs a 3.0L
6, heck getting 330 hp out of a 5cyl 2.2 liter is not real easy, BTDT....
 Driven the 1.8L tq, and find it most entertaining and worthy of tweeks, but
I sure would have some doubts beyond the 250hp mark, EXACTLY where a stock M3
sits here in the states, no mods, brakes and handling included....  

Just thinkin, but I assure you the 330 version will be here by spring, the
guy is in the process of ordering the car and the tweeks, hope he proves me