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Fwd: Re: last minute questions and Linda

>Agreed.  Everyone has a tough day.  Especially Linda.  She's 
>shorthanded and gets an awful lot of stuff thrown at her and she tends 
>to get a bit short. On ocassion, I've asked her if it would be better 
>for her if I called back a bit later.  Sometimes the response has been 
>"Yes, please".  Give her a bit of slack and sometimes some sweet talk. 
>She needs it sometimes.

At 10:27 PM 10/4/96 -0400, you wrote:
>hey bud, lighten up...we all have an off-day sometimes...

That's our Linda!  I think the work environment at Carlson contributes, 
however, she has a strong personality.  She can be very nice, while she 
can also be "short".  I don't buy a lot from her, but she knows who I 
am and as a result of a few situations like the ones mentioned, I have 
learned to "sweet talk" her and it has worked for me.  Since she is not 
a mean or bad person, I live with her exhibiting her strong personality 
from time to time.  

But there are other dealer vendors to do business with, Throughbred in 
Nashville and Clair in Boston.  I believe Linda still beats their 
prices on most items.

89 200tqw