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Re: TOO MUCH ALe IN Blood Stream!

Phil, being on an island several miles off the main coast of Europe I
can understand your complete lack of understanding of how things 
function within the European community. To ramble on with no idea of 
what you are even saying, shows your incompetence. Especially when the 
info is right infront of you, from two seperate sources!

First, in an earlier message you completly deny the EC having anything 
to do with Automotive Regulations. 
Then mysely and Hans requote the EC and German regulations, verbatim, 
from the books, and you still cant get it!  Worse yet you embaress 
yourself over the NET so everyone can see! Where as before I tried to 
keep it between two parties. SO, I will help you out, and make you look 
bad too, via the net, so every one can see.

I sugest you brush up on things over on your island, and spout off, when 
you have read, understand, and KNOW what you are talking about.

Also when your going to make it a "public specticle", be prepaired for
return fire!