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RE: Snow Tires

where can i get some of these in the detroit/metro area?

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Sent: 	Saturday, October 05, 1996 2:47 PM
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Subject: 	Re: Snow Tires

Regarding your request for info on snow tires, I can highly recommend Nokia
Hakkapeliitta (I even spelled it right, I think) 10 snow tires.  I have had
sets of these for a few of my cars ('87 Golf GTi-non studded, '79 BMW
320i-studded).  They are very aggressive snows and not the best for dry
pavement use(who buys serious snows for dry pavement anyway? No Blizzaks for
me thanks).  I'm not sure of your stock size on the 200, but talk to the guys
at Greer Ent. (414.545.2296) and they should be able to help you decide on
the correct size, they also have a couple of other Nokia snows as well.
 Having had a few different sets, go studded if your state allows it.  It
makes a big difference.  If i ever locate a good 90/Coupe Quattro for sale, I
am going to outfit it with 185/65-15 studded Hakka's.  Should be killer, and
just the right combo for central NY winters.  Now if I could just find the
right damn car...   Kai (AHKai@aol.com)