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5KTQ, 200TQ or V8...what do I do?

I've been lurking on the list for the last few weeks, and mostly because
of what I've learned here, I'm in the market for a quattro.  I live
outside Seattle and want the snow and ice capabilities the quattro
system provides.  I've also been know to drive, ahem, a little
enthusiastically, but I'm not going racing.

I've found good examples of late '80s 5KTQs, 200TQs and a couple of
really nice V8Qs in the Seattle area.  Here's the deal: it's my money,
but your choice.  What do I buy?  The 5Ks are in the $5-7K range, and
the 200s and V8s are more in $13-16K land.  Mileage varies
appropriately.  What guidance can the assembled wisdom on the List offer
me?  All reasonable intelligent replies will earn my undying gratitude,
and a latte upon reaching Seattle!

Warren Rheaume

XXX Quattro XXXX (what the Xs say is up to you!)
'86 MB 300E (Grey Poupon? Nah, but ya gotta beer?)
'72 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 (be afraid, be very afraid...)