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Re: last minute questions and Linda

When I hear all of this, I am very glad I have been dealing with Hoehn for
of  my Porsche/Audi parts.  I call them up, give them a part no. (have the 
parts microfiche for both cars), give a plastic no., and can get
back to work in less than 5 minutes.  People are always friendly, only once
got a wrong part, but this is when I couldn't even tell right part by looking
the parts microfiche.  Refund was handled promptly.

I don't know about some of you folks, but I work for a living, and cannot
(that is, don't want to try) send a fax from work to order a part for my 
personal car.  If this is Carlsen's attitude, they can drop dead.

By the way, Hoehn's no. is 614/438-9599 (also have a 800 no., but can't
find it right now; will pass it on when I locate it).

As far as the person giveing the "right part no. stamped on the part", my 
experience has been that the number on the part and the cataloged
one fairly often do not correlate.  The stamped no. is frequently a casting
no. for the part manufacturer, not Audi's no.  Don't know all the details
of this transaction, but thought I would mention it in case others try to 
order parts with a casting no.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro
1995 Porsche 993

In a message dated 96-10-05 08:16:12 EDT, you write:

 From: rjandrew@post.cis.smu.edu (R Justin Andrews)
 Date: Sat, 5 Oct 1996 03:19:18 -0600 (CDT)
 Subject: Re: last minute questions and Linda
 > Agreed.  Everyone has a tough day.  Especially Linda.  She's shorthanded
 > gets an awful lot of stuff thrown at her and she tends to get a bit short.
 > On ocassion, I've asked her if it would be better for her if I called back
 > bit later.  Sometimes the response has been "Yes, please".  Give her a bit
 > of slack and sometimes some sweet talk.  She needs it sometimes.
 > >> Dan, 
 > >> 
 > >> Linda was very curt with me just yesterday!  I called looking for a
 > >> with the part number I might add, and for some reason the PN I obtained
 > >off
 > >> the part did not come up on her computer.  I was more than sure that
 > >> number I gave her was the correct one stamped onto the part.  She
 > >couldn't
 > >> find it, yelled "...HOLD ON", put down the phone and I heard her say
 > >> "F$%K....I DON'T _NEED_ THIS SH&T RIGHT NOW..."  
 > >> 
 > >> I'm not gonna put up with crap like this trying to buy parts for my
 > >> If I really wanted grief I would just go down to the local dealer!  
 I know, I recently purchased a few parts for my different cars, A asked for
 CV boots for an '83 5KT and struts for a '86 5KS and a fuel pump for a 200. 
 She sent me CV boots for a VW rabbit, overcharged and when I questioned
 her why she said "Oh, they must have been in the wrong bin." WHAT?! 
 don't you check the P/N on the box before shipping it?
 I received struts that weren't even close to right but...
 I at least got the part I needed the most, the Fuel Pump
 Good Job Linda, one out of 3...
 Oh, and my brother had to send back a part for his 90 3 times to get the
 correct one?? 
 Sorry Linda, I'm going elsewhere for my parts for now on.
 Rich Andrews