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Headlights on mid-80's 5000

In message <199610032139.RAA12960@hammurabi.nh.ultra.net> human writes:

> Well Phil,
> I left the sceptered isle 25 years ago so I can't see for myself so I'll
> have to ask... what is your exact setup?  This thread is leading me toward
> keeping my stock double rectangles (ughh) but changing lenses and bulbs -
> what are you running - is that 560w all available at once or is that high +
> low thank you for your time answering...

I have the stock reflectors fitted OEM to my 1988/9 ur-quattro MB.  Originally, 
these were fitted with 65/55 or somethig nasty - a previous owner had gone to 
100/80 without changing the wiring loom.

The present system was fitted by BR Motorsport in Leamington Spa.  It's a 
stacking connector on the alternator - _it_ plugs in first, and the usual 
connector piggy-backs on it.  The harness has three(?) relays and three fuses 
in a small extra carrier that is fixed inside the plenum chamber in front of 
the large radiator.

All of the headlight connectors are pulled and replaced by the new loom's 
connectors.  These are ceramic rather than Audi's funny composition.  The front 
right stock connector plugs into the harness to control the relays.

The outside dual filament lights are 170/100.  To be honest, in most urban 
situations and on quite a few country roads - the dipped 2 x 100 is all you 
need. On those occasions when I use main beam - out in the countryside at night 
driving fast on twisty English roads - the outers become 2 x 170 and the centre 
driving lights are switched with them for an extra 2 x 100.  540 in total on 
main beam.

Three problems - the flying crud you find on the road tends to dry out _much_ 
faster on the lenses.  A good wipe every now and then is essential.  Also, the 
hot bulbs don't last _anything_like_ as long - I get around three to four 
months per 170/100.  Since the physical dimensions are the same (obviously, to 
retain focus) as the 65/55 - you can guess why.  I've "unified" the headlamp 
retaining screws with Allen screws - they're easier to get in and out if you 
have to change bulbs in the dark.  Buying bulbs is the last problem - no one 
stocks them.  I have to get them ten at a time.

But on a moonless night, moving fast - they're an absolute heaven-sent dream.  

Oncoming motorists very rarely flash me - I've got the main set a little low 
and a bit to the side, and the centre lights set slightly higher and 
forward.  I don't think they dazzle anyone, as long as they're dipped.

Wlidlife seems to have adapted to the range of normal car lights, though.  I 
see a lot more foxes, badgers, owls, etc., than before.  I was amazed, at 
first, at just how much fauna is around in the UK.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club