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Re: BMW lies, all lies

Hi, Colin:

>I was waiting for my car at the local dealer yesterday, and they had a BMW
>video program on a monitor showing the comparative skid pan performance of
>the 328 vs Jeep Grand Wgoneer vs Lexus 300 vs Volvo 850. They were fair in
>showing which cars had traction control, but nary a mention of taars. The Jeep
>proved uncontrollable, the Lexus slow, but got there, the Volvo torque steered 
>all over the pan, and the BMW looked like our favorite Qs. Not a mention of
>Audi or why the cars performed the way they did, but incredibly deceitful
>propaganda if u ask me!

What else is new! What annoys me most is that the "Ultimate Bragging Machine" is 
so damn arrogant. Actually I think they are afraid of the A4Q, that's why they did 
not bring it to the party. I don't see WMB winning too many rallies or touring car 
championships. Instead they are winning the admiration of a certain gold chain set 
and "cafe racers".

An M3 "Automatic"?! An M3 "Luxury"?! Gimme a break, for crying out loud!

Like Phil Payne said, they concentrate on a sporty image, whereas Audi 
concentrates on sporty performance.

>Just ordered a Stongard kit, upon which I shall comment when I get it
>fitted. Apparently the fitting technique is the same as that stick on dark window
>stuff that the hablas like to add to their section 40 taars, chrome wheels etc.
>Cant be that difficult, but we shall see.

Can't wait, lemme no as soon as you get it on the car. I am thinking about it too.
Where did you get yours?

Igor Kessel, Phila PA, USA
"Why would anyone in the right state of mind buy just a car,
when the mankind has invented a QUATTRO!"