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Re: Stop the mail !!!!

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

> Hello !!!
> I'm peasant for all the mail I have recived, but I have got the answer
> for all my questions, so I hope that YOU can stop the mailing to me, on
> the adress:   ligunder@sn.no.
> This is because my server gets full if I don't read the mail every day.
> --
> - Line Kristin Gundersen og Roger Rosmo Dear Person: I tried to email you
directly but the mail wouldn't deliver.  when you s%bscr%be to this list you
get a welcome message that says:*** SAVE THIS MESSAGE AND READ IT TWICE ***
forgive me for thinking instructions matter but I saved mine, and read it. 
The first thing it lists is *how to uns^^^scribe*!  I quote:
Welcome to the quattro mailing list!

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, you can send
mail to "Majordomo@coimbra.ans.net" with the following command in the body
of your email message:

    uns-bscr-be quattro human@nh.ultranet.com (Huw Powell)

Here's the general information for the list you've s=bscr=bed to, in case
you don't already have it:

		Quattro List Info Message - December 15, 1995

Now you would need to send your message to majordomo, not the list, and use
*your* email info *not mine*!  The words with missing vowel should be
repaired.  I hope you get this message.  If you have further trouble try
emailing Dan Simoes direct for help, he manages the software that runs this
thing...right Dan?   Get his address from one of his posts, I don't have it

Good Luck,
Huw Powell