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Re: 5KTQ, 200TQ or V8...what do I do?

> I've found good examples of late '80s 5KTQs, 200TQs and a couple of
> really nice V8Qs in the Seattle area.  Here's the deal: it's my money,
> but your choice.  What do I buy?  The 5Ks are in the $5-7K range, and
> the 200s and V8s are more in $13-16K land.  Mileage varies
> appropriately.  What guidance can the assembled wisdom on the List offer
> me?  All reasonable intelligent replies will earn my undying gratitude,
> and a latte upon reaching Seattle!

You can find a 91 200q for about 13-14K, a 1990 V8 even cheaper if you look hard

If you got the dough, I say go for one of those two, they are very nice cars
(like the 5KSTQ) but I think I little bit higher level of luxury. For example,
my built in phone is really incrediable! I'm in sales, and it is perfect.

But if you don't need/want the luxury, go for the more inexpensive deal!


91 200q

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