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(Fwd) Re: 5KTQ, 200TQ or V8...what do I do?

Subject:       Re: 5KTQ, 200TQ or V8...what do I do?

Warren, suspect you will get answers that cover the waterfront on 
this one -- each will favor  his own... I like the V8 very 
much, and recognize its shortcomings. Incidentally, I live in Oak 
Harbor, Whidbey Is., and drive lots of miles. Also have had several 
Audimobiles ( presently also have 92 100CS for wife plus V8Q).  If you
are going to drive a lot in downtown Seattle, I would not recommend the
V8 over any of the others. It's a heavy car (4000 plus a little) and mileage
will suffer accordingly. If you are going to be an the road a lot and in 
ice and snow I'd recommend the V8Q highly. It is a fun car to drive 
(and difficult to drive sanely), and with the torsen set up it is the 
best snow vehicle around. Of course any car is only as good in snow as
the tires... suggest talking to Eliot Lim about this. The key to the V8 
is getting a good one. Previous owner, kind of service, etc. are more 
important in the V8Q than most... parts are super expensive... but 
OTOH I've had virtually no maintenance probs in 2 years (I got mine 
used).  Eliot, who got his V8 new, has had much the same experience. Don't know what else 
to say, except that it's the most delightful car to drive on the 
road... except of course for the A8. Not a stop light winner because 
of the weight, but once you getting rolling it's dynamite. 2nd gear 
will take you up to around 85 as I recall... it's an engine that 
loves to turn (think max torque around 4500), and once you get above 
about 3500 or so hang on! Freeway mileage about 25, overall 22... but 
I rarely drive in heavy downtown traffic. 
     Final word! There is a lot of junk out there! Be super careful, 
and count on spending some real money to have it checked before you 
buy! The cheapest car isn't necessarily a good buy!!! BTDT
<<<BW delete>>>>
<  What do I buy?  The 5Ks are in the $5-7K range, and
> the 200s and V8s are more in $13-16K land.  Mileage varies
> appropriately.  What guidance can the assembled wisdom on the List offer
> me?  All reasonable intelligent replies will earn my undying gratitude,
> and a latte upon reaching Seattle!
> Warren Rheaume
> rheaw@foster.com
> XXX Quattro XXXX (what the Xs say is up to you!)
> '86 MB 300E (Grey Poupon? Nah, but ya gotta beer?)
> '72 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 (be afraid, be very afraid...)