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Re: 90 quattro coupe

Sorry for the lack of deletion......our friend paid over 14K for his 90
quattro coupe a year ago.......and it does have it's problems as does any
used car....at 9K....I think it's a steal.

On Sun, 6 Oct 1996, Martin Gruby wrote:

> I am looking at a 1990 quattro coupe. It has like 60 some odd miles. The
> bumper is cracked.  The right fender in front of the wheel has been
> re-painted.. hmm the passenger power seats don't work and the driver door
> does not open from the inside handle.  The car looks good and runs good.
> Good brakes, trans. Has leather seats, airbag and ABS.  How much do you
> think it's worth.  He wants 8990 obo, and we offered him 6500 on the spot.
> Whats the most I should pay?? I want to fix everything.  It may need new
> tires and there was a small squeek in the back right going over bumps.  My
> 88 80 quattro is don't make any noises and is solid like a rock.  I like the
> coupe a lot though, it's got the real nice rims on it. Thanks for the info
> in advance.  
> Please reply to me directly to: grubster@megsinet.net
> I don't want to stay on the list long, I don't have any time now.