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Re: 5KTQ, 200TQ or V8...what do I do?

i6941TB@gnn.com wrote:
> B). V8:
> Pros:1. A very solid, powerful and elegant cruiser.
>         2. Screems:"I am expensive!" Truly a rare car.
>         3. Lockable rear diff.
> Cons:1. Only about 100 of them have a manual tranny, very difficult to find.
>         2. All manual ones had a smaller 3.7L V8. Autos were 4.2L.
>         3. UFO brakes. One rotor is about $700!
>         4. Parts are rear and expensive. You'll be bowing to a shark(dealer) often.
>         5. Great strait line performer. Too heavy for agressive cornerings though.
>         6. More expensive than A) and C).
>         7. Chipping does not yild much and is hardly worth the money.
Not quite right!
No lockable rear diff, Torsen.
Not all autos are 4.2L only 92 or later of which there are many fewer
than the 90 and 91's.
Many V8's are converted to standard brakes.
Parts that are exclusive to the V8 are expensive, but the others are not
any more so that other Audis.  You must find a good supplier.
V8's can be had for a song relative to their original cost and their
current market value.
And lastly, chipping does yield significant gains.  You'd be surprised;)

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri