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CV notes..

Re - my clunks - Huw aid:

> Uh Oh Al I'd bet on the CV joints.  I replace my boots if they show any sign
> of fatigue at all.  If they split the joints get hurt quick.  Do this - find
> a place you can drive in tight circles.  drive around slowly at full lock
> left and right - if that exagerates or causes the clunking, the CV's are
> where it's coming from.  In my experience you can drive on them a while but
> you won't want to.  Try used low mileage half shafts to reduce cost - I've
> paid about $125 @ shokan (long stories about shokan deleted) which is a
> pretty good price. Huw

Memory says it is NOT doing this - but I will cross my fingers and 
check it out tomorrow.  There's a big parking lot about 2 acres in 
size not much more than 1/2 mile from my house.  Other than this 
drive, the car will stay parked.

And Re: my '66 GTO power shift next to an unsuspecting driver's 

> Oh, Al, did you have occasion to pass the same victim again, and were they
> scared?

No, I was traveling a good bit faster than them even using the go-
pedal as a cruise control.  They were doing the "I gotta old pickemup 
truck and I'm croozin thru Idaho like I gotta do hard work when I get 
where I'm goin'" bit....just pottin' along.  while I was looking for 
a throttle spring on the junkers, they may have stopped for lunch...

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