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5KTQ, 200TQ or V8...what do I do?

Warren: I own a '91 200TQW and am extremely biased towards the series. 
When the '91s came out, Audi had made all the improvements they could 
to the series and at the time, it was the top drawer. In '92 the S4, 
inherited the 200 throne with its new body style and overboost and the 
are another order more expensive. Hence, the most bang for the buck is 
had with the '91 200s. Having said that, there's a '91 V8Q w/5 spd for 
sale at the Spokane Audi dealership. I drove it right after it arrived 
and they were asking 22,9K for it. Today's paper was asking 19,9K. 
It's in good shape, has 60K something on it. I liked how it drove, 
however I still prefer my car. It feels more urgent and like it would 
have no problem dispensing with the V8. In reality the cars are very 
close. The 200s are more of a sport sedan and the V8Q's are more of a 
luxury sedan. It really boils down to personal preferences. If you 
have the time, I would drive several examples of both and see what you 
like. When you find one you like, ask for all of the service records 
and for the name and phone number of the previous owner. If neither 
exist, walk. If they do, check both carefully and if the car passes 
muster, spend $100 and take the car to an independant mechanic. If the 
dealer won't allow this, walk. If he does, share the service records 
with the IM. Everytime I have gone to the IM, they have found at least 
$500 worth of work that needed to be done and I used that as leverage 
at negotiation time. The only time I've lost the $100 is when I walked 
away from the deal because the car needed too much work and the dealer 
was not willing to price the car accordingly. I figure the $100 was 
well spent anyway. Good luck.