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Re: Rebirth of old law

Trisha wrote:
> BEWARE!!!!!!  Any Audi owners under the age of 20 in NH.  They have just
> decided that effective immediately, they WILL enforce a very old law that
> never got removed from the books......
> Drivers, aged 20 and younger, getting caught, stopped, whatever for ANY
> motor vehicle violation will suffer an automatic 20 day license suspension
> on the spot.  No questions need be asked. 

Andrew of Zucchini fame followed with:
>There have been a very large number of teen deaths recently, including
>6 in my town alone last year, one on my road. The southern tier of NH
>(from Nashua to Exeter) is getting massively crowded, and a lot of teens
>are driving there. Combine their total inexperience with their fearlessness,
>and you have problems.  This law is an attempt to get some rationality
>into their driving (trust me, they have none). Currently, if they get
>stopped, they get a ticket which mommy and daddy pay. Take away their
>license for a couple of weeks, and it'll hurt *them*.

Your points are very valid. The trouble is that negative reenforcement isn't
always the best way for people to learn. My personal belief is that they should
make Driver education a comprehensive 6 week (minimum) endeavor, which includes
track time in a "skid" car with a professional teacher. They should learn about
over-steer, understeer.. the differences in the way a front wheel drive car
handles compared to a rear wheel drive, or an all wheel drive. They should
understand some of the physics involved. IF they don't pass the track practical
exam.. they don't get a license.

On more than one occassion, my previous experiences behind the "wheel" have
saved me from a serious accident. Growing up driving ATVs, Snowmobiles, and
Motorcycles taught me alot about control. I wish more people had control over
their vehicles. 

As for making the age 18 to get a license.. I'm not sure if that is the correct
solution. If a person can pass the practical/Exam at 16.. then let them get
what they are entitiled to. Increase the restrictions/penalties but don't take
away the privledge entirely.
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY