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Re: Rebirth of old law

Donald wrote: "
I think I may be the youngest list member at the age of 17... Anyway, I believe 
that most(90%) of all teenage drivers are a bunch of idiots, and should have a 
20 day suspension of license, but only if issued a warning or ticket, and only 
if they don't challenge it in court and win. (Basicly, if you get a ticket, and 
you where doing what the ticket said, and you can't prove otherwise, 20 day 

I agree, the suspension of license shouldn't be "automatic" (whatever that
means) but should follow due process, in other words.. no conviction then no
suspension. As a veteran of unfair police practices, I've learned quite a bit
about the way traffic courts work. In essence, the speed enforcement program is
simply put.. a way to generate revenue for state and local municipalities. If
you challenge your ticket, being exacting and methodical from the moment you
got your ticket regarding the particulars of the "violation" and give a
plausable reason why the cop is mistaken, (without being arrogant).. 
you can essentially walk away from it. They'll still nail you on that BS Court
fee, but that's the system. 
Of course, there are very few acceptable excuses for speeding, so don't try to
give a reason. The best way to approach traffic court is with the doctrine that
you weren't speeding at all. I strongly suggest that everyone out there pick up
a book written by a retired NY State trooper titled "How to avoid Traffic
Tickets." I believe his name was Egan. He's now a judge I think. The book
proved more valuable than CB Radios and Radar detectors. It's written in
easy to understand-simple english, and is full of funny acecdotes. The book
worked for me. Since I read it.. 0 speeding convictions. All it took was one
$175 punch to the wallet for me. Plus.. it's only something like five clams.
The book is written so simply that it's almost like reading the "Readers
Digest." I read it in one evening.
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY