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Idiots? BTDT

> From: Dave Head <dhead@sundial.sundial.net>

> BTDT - Actually, I LIVED to drive like an idiot...
> Now I call it "driving with panache". The wife calls it driving like an idiot.
> Turning 40 in 3 weeks...

> From: "Graydon D. Stuckey" <graydon@apollo.gmi.edu>
> 	Man, if my wife had seen my 'panache' Sunday at the autocross I
> ran, I'd be banned from all of our cars for a year!  I spun (yes, a full
> 360) a 1500pound E-mod Spitfire with 314hp.....
(YEE gods!!  That sucka ought to jump STRAIGHT UP when you hit the 
loud pedal!!!!!!)

But as mature (pending Graydon's Rorsarch test...) folks, we have one 
BIG advantage over the "yonkers" when driving like idiots.  We have 
BTDT and now have some idea of the idiocy that OTHERS will perpetrate 
around us....creating situations (to which we will have contributed) 
which result in bent metal and injuries.  Young folks simply haven't 
had enough exposure to driving conditions to LEARN (and I'm using 
actual learning constructivist learning theory here) what can happen 
in a variety of ever-changing circumstances.

Had I realized this when 16, I might not have a 6-inch steel plate in 
my lower left leg - because I assumed the car behind me would 1)  
Travel under 80 mph, and 2) would slow down enough NOT to hit 
me on my motorcycle when the brake light came on.

Turned out that HE assumed I was not turning when I waited until 
about 20 feet past my rural driveway to turn - so he powered up 
again, and I didn't make it out of his way.  (I was turning late to hop 
the ditch on the way to the house...)

All I had to do was be suspicious enough to look back ONCE - and I'd 
have been spared six months in a cast.  Would I make that mistake 
again?  Not on your tintype, Chester!!

But people have to learn sonewhere, some time....and sometimes I 
wonder if having more crash-resistant cars make us more prone to push 
the limits.

I do agree that it would be great if driver training included skid 
pads and cornering...but a) that costs money, b) many instructors 
haven't a clue what to do in those circumstances, and c) Mary Lou 
Hassenpfeffer would be SHOCKED, simply SHOCKED, that her precious 
little Hanna would be taught how to deliverately drive in such 
reckless manner.

I'm gonna send my girls to a Skippy school or some such when they get 
their licenses.  Only question is - do I let them drive for a year 
first, to get the feel of the cars - or send 'em RIGHT away?

Can you tell I'm printing 111 pages of dissertation while writing 
this??  Hmmmmm?  La dee dah dee......
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