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Re: Bolts r' us

In a message dated 96-10-07 12:27:52 EDT, you write:

<< Most torque wrenches work with a preloaded spring. The spring is usually
 preloaded by turning the handle. It is absolutely vital to unload this
 spring after use , by turning the handle all the way to zero. If you don't
 follow this procedure your torque wrench will soon be off by a big margin.
 * Hans-Juergen Schneider / hschnei@ibm.net *
 * 200 Quattro  /  90 Coupe Quattro 20V     *
 * Germany                                  *

Hans-Juergen brings up probably the most important fact about the "break
away" or "click stop" type of torque wrench.  Always set them at their LOWEST
setting for storage.  This may not be zero for some wrenches!  Also, DO NOT
exceed the lowest setting as the stop pin may shear and you will render the
wrench useless (inaccurate) until it can be repaired and recalibrated.  Most
heavily used wrenches should be checked every 6 months.  Once a year for
little used wrenches.  If it has set for any period of time and you are
critical about torque value, then cycle the wrench at least three times in
each direction to loosen the moving parts spread the lubricant over the
internal mechanism.  This is easiest done at the lowest setting by putting it
in a vise to hold the drive. However, my personal experience, as a former
calibrator of said items, as long as you keep it clean, avoid dropping it,
and set it for proper storage you can expect a long service life and minimal
shift from the + - 4% that most torque wrenches are set for.  My "Craftsdood"
(Al Powell's trade mark) wrench stayed within cal'd spec for over 6 years
without adjustments.  (However, it was a replacement for one that didn't last
a week.)

Then Trish said, 
Be careful of the Sears one....we have returned (and this is no lie).....6 of
them for clicking at wierd times and the salesmen all said....."Guess you
don't know how to use them".   Talking to us racers like that is
pretty bad.... 

Ooooo Trish, I musta got the same sales dude..er dud... as you...he claimed I
didn't know anything about torque wrenches. (HA!  Did he

Bruce Johnson
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