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Ultimate Coupe Quattro

Okay everyone, I'm strictly benchracing here and am just throwing ideas
around in my head because I'm bored.  How does this sound and does anyone
have any knowledge/experience in the following:

1-Audi Coupe Quattro 
    Stuffing a turbocharged 5 cylinder 20V from a 200TQ(?)into the engine
bay?  Is this similar to what the Euro-spec S2 had?  I know the S2 had a
six-speed, would the stock five-speed hold its own or would the 200TQ tranny
work.  I was guesstimating that with the 200TQ engine, a few boost/chip
upgrades, K&N, this engine would be putting out some major league power.
 Spiritual successor to the Ur-quattro??  I would of course upgrade
suspension, brakes accordingly.  Also, for exhaust, I was thinking of some
stainless custom pipe, with the 200TQ cat, going to a free-flow muffler of
some sort. I would plan on keeping the 200TQ engine pretty stock as I don't
really want to mess with reliability.  Any idea if it will fit with all of
its hardware-intercooler, radiator, etc.  Best bet would be to find a wrecked
200TQ with the front half intact I guess.  As for the Coupe, does anyone have
any experience with Spax suspension?  I know Ron's Parts in Canada sells a
24-way adjustable kit for VW, don't know about the Coupe though.  Anyone have
ideas on braking upgrades?  I am going to search my back issues of R&T and
European Car as I know they had some info on the S2, check out the pictures
and so forth.  What's everyones opinion on this?  Let me know your ideas.
 I'm going to have some fun with this one.  Later.  Kai