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A4 B-pillar noise

cc. Ed Slaughter <edslau@teleport.com>

> From: Ed Slaughter <edslau@teleport.com>
> Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 19:14:18 -0700
> Subject: A4 B-pillar noise
> My A4 has a rarely heard rattle in the passenger B-pillar when driven 
> over bumps, especially if it's cold.  I remembered vaguely reading on the 
> list that this problem was known and has a documented fix.  I have an 
> appointment with the dealer to fix the problem, but when I told the service 
> guy I thought there was an Audi bulletin on it, he acted confused.  Can 
> anyone tell me whether I'm hallucinating, and if not, how to point the 
> dealer at relevant Audi instructions?  I have little faith in random 
> searches for intermittent noises.  TIA.

I've just had a rattle (or rather, a loud creaking) that matches this
description cured by my dealer. Came from LH front door/B pillar area. 

They siliconed the door seals and dry lubed the seat belt anchorages and 
moving parts at the same time so can't say definitely which of these was 
the cause, but they definitely cured it! Blissful quality oozing silence.   

Greg Spark                '96 A4 1.8Tq
sparkg@wave.co.nz         MTM 187hp
Hamilton, New Zealand