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distributor question

If it's raining any less out there than it is here, maybe
you can check something for me on your 4000q.

On the distributor, there is a black box (Hall thingie)
on the side of the dist.  There is a connector that clips onto
that box.  Ben Howell sent me a kit for the dist that replaces
that box, but it does not match my connector.  I'm wondering
if the 84 uses a different connector than 85-7, or maybe
the kit is not right.  

If you pull that connector (wire spring clip) and turn it over,
the one on my car has a part number: 052 905 142.

The old part, the one I broke, which sits in the dist, has
the part number 1 230 329 020.  The new one has no part 
number.  The only part common to old and new is a plastic
piece which is inside the dist, that is 1 230 500 221.

Lastly, my dist numbers are:  0 230 030 005 and 035 905 205AM
(I think the part number is the first one).

Thanks.  With all this rain the axles are not going back
in (car is still in the driveway) but maybe tomorrow...
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