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Re: Winder Shield

At 10:02 AM 10/8/96 -0500, you wrote:
>	Someone wrote:  "Take it to the dealer".  EXACTLY....the wrong 
>thing to do.  You will get f'd.
>	Many glass places will do it sooooo much cheaper than the 
>dealer.  I have been successful *1* time in pulling the windshield from a 
>parts car and installing it as needed.  For some reason, Audi windshield 
>have an extremely high breakage rate when you [I] take them out.  Mothers 
>are really in there and sealed well.  *If* you can find a place that will 
>pull the window, before you pay, do this.  Take it to a glass shop and 
>have it installed.  Almost any glass shop will beat the dealer by ~ 50% YMMV.

Got told today 'dealer price' for premium glass was $1100.00  =8-( 
Calling around about glued in VW/Audi windows - "We do factory
installations"   Actually kinda huffy about it. I was impressed!  2 quotes @
$329.00 including molding.

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