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Re: OIL Buzzard

Sir, the oil warning system on your particular Audi is prone to 
electrical gremlins!
Their are two sending units located on the drivers side of the block, 
just below and aft of the thermostat. Or insind of the dipstick!
These two senders, a white one(yellow from age) being the HIGH pressure, 
1.8 bar sender, and the brown(black) one being the LOW pressure 
sender,0.3 bar. These two senders merly provide a ground at a certain 
pressure. This signal is applied to a RELAY, under dash just above your
left foot! I believe its part # is 443 919 082.  These have been known 
to go bad. I have replaced three of them in my car(two from salvage 
yards) and replaced both senders once. The system works fine after the 
relay change. Try the relay, then the senders!