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Re: Insurance question (low audi-content)

Try State Farm.....with two teens....we found them the best to work with.

On Mon, 7 Oct 1996 SOP8920@Siena.edu wrote:

> Hey all,
>     A friend of mine is currently in a bind. He has recently purchased a
> Mustang Convertable, and is seeking the lowest insurance premiums. His old
> insurance (for his last car) was asking for $4000 to cover it/year. He went to
> another guy and found $3000/yr. Apparently, these vehicles are insane to
> insure. I know that my old man is paying about $6000/yr to insure 7 cars.
> That includes both Audis and two Sports cars (Miata and Mr2). Also, my kid
> brother (of notorious "let's roll the MPV" fame) is a high risk driver.
> I'm going to talk to him about where he has his insurance done, but I was
> wondering if anybody on the list had any suggestions as to where to go for low
> cost insurance.?
> Thanks. 
>                                -Osman Parvez
>                                 89 200q
>                                 Siena College
>                                 Albany NY
> P.s. sorry 'bout the low Audi content again...