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re:Oil Warning Buzzer - Possible Causes (Oil Pump, Oil Filter, Vacuum?)

You sed:
>I have opened the oil cap with the engine running, and see oil splashing
>around in there.  My oil stick shows full.  Tried changing the oil w/ 5(!!!)
>quarts of 10W30 and a new filter.  Still have the problem.
I hope this is either a typo, or that your 5 cyl is different than mine.  I
can only fit about _4_ quarts into my 87...

>Am I correct that the buzzer goes off due to low oil pressure?
Sensor.  Known failure.  Other posts have talked about plugging in a gage,
but I'd bet a beer the sensor bought it...

>3) Oil pressure detector malfunction - Some of my vacuum lines are old.
>Can this be the cause?  Does the oil pressure check even use vacuum lines?

Vacuum lines don't carry or detect oil pressure.  Get yourself a new sensor.
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