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Thanks and a question.

In message <325B30E5.FE6@teleport.com> "Gary G. Erickson" writes:

> I do have to ask a question/favor.  I looked at the page about the
> quattro Owners Club Jacket with a lot of interest, and am very
> interested in finding myself a local bank that can cut a cheque for me
> so that I can order one.  However, I'm sure the statement about
> "inclusive of Postage and Package...." wasn't ment to include to the
> West Coast of the USA.

The jackets are made in two ways:

a) A number are made for stock and sold at events.  These are not personalised.

b) A number are made by special order - these have the owner's name 
   embroidered within.  This costs nothing extra, but we have to wait until we
   can order a batch of around twenty.
I will ask John Robinson (treasurer) and Roger Galvin (membership secretary) 
about USA shipping tomorrow night (Thursday) at the Plough.  It's the monthly 
area meeting.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club