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Email to UK Club

In message <325B30E5.FE6@teleport.com> "Gary G. Erickson" writes:

> You were the only e-mail contact I had in relation to the club, ...

Nigel Banks, who also posts here occasionally, is an area organiser - although 
not known for the voluminous nature of his contributions (vide - the July 
Newletter!)   I am a mere slave.

If you have items/news/suggestions/information for the club newsletter, send 
them to:

He's the current chairman, and also puts the newsletter together.

They will print on his low-tech fax machine and be considered for the next 
issue.  The October newsletter has been delayed by a furious programme of 
events at the end of September - the Woburn day, the Ingolstadt day, the track 
day at Castle Combe and the visit to Audi Sport.  Plus Dave, like most of us, 
has to earn a living.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club