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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1181

> From: Duncan Cameron <lmcdncn@LMC.Ericsson.SE>
> I have a 1986 5000CD Turbo and I belive that this does have a turbo
> oil filter, although I don't know where the sucker is. The Haynes
> manual is vauge when it comes to the turbo models.

On the gas models, it's right next to the regular filter.  It's 
obvious.  Doubt if diesels are much different.... (?)

> 1) Wipers, can't find anyone that sells winter wipers for the Audi,
> so I hope that the sturdy trico wipers are up to the job.

They'll work OK.

> 4) Oil change, I was worried about putting synth into such an old
> car, I heard that it can cause leaks to show themselves. So I might
> just stick to a good 10W30 conventional oil.

Either is OK.....if you change, do so because it's not using oil.  
The car's age is not material, but the engine condition is.  There 
are engine cleaners which can be run through the engine before 
drining the oil...they help remove any deposits.  If the engine is 
gunked, do NOT change.  Just use good standard oil and change 
often...AND get it on the highway so it gets good and hot!  Diesers 
soil the engine oil with soot, but that doesn't mean they've broken 

> 5) New engine thermostat, best price $30 CAD from IMEXCA.

Sounds purty pricey to me...but I dunno frum deezul parts.

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