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Porsche 924: VW-Audi-Porsche

Bart is right.  The 924 was designed by Porsche FOR VW as a replacement for
the Karmann Ghia, but the project got too expensive for VW, so they sold the
project  (the right to produce the car) back to Porsche.  The front end in
the original 924 is straight out of a Rabbit.  And the rear suspension is
straight out of a Type II VW Bus.  The drive shaft is from Porsche design
development of the 928 (around 1972).  The transmission is a modified Audi
5k trans.  The engine is a overhead camshaft version of the Audi 100 engine.
Many of the bits and pieces are common to both VW and Audi due to the fact
that they are manufactured by Bosch, VDO, ZF, Beru, Blauplunkt, Boge, Sachs,

Marshall Barrett
Retired Master Audi and Master Porsche Tech
(20 years in the business)   

At 11:09 AM 10/7/96 -0400, you wrote:
>> I would like your help to have a rumor confirmed or debunked.  I seem to
>> remember hearing sometime ago that the engine in the Porsche 924 was =
>> derived
>> from an Audi truck engine. 
>Glen comes Close... (Rudyard smiles, and keeps his cigars this time...)
>> Dunno 'bout the truck connection, but the Porsche 924 engine was an Audi =
>> engine and the entire 924 automobile was manufactured by Audi. The =
>> Porsche 944 was also built by Audi but had a Porsche-designed engine =
>> built under license from (Gasp!) I think it was mitsubitchy!
>Designed *and* Built by Porsche, but built with Mistu-licensed,
>balance shafts.
>Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart