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To all the QList members. 

I apologize for being such an inept jackass or should I say bitch.  If the
posts you sent were more boring you'd never hear from me.  I'd just sit
and hit the delete button.  This is because I can't seem to get

I have followed all the directions and to no avail.  I seem to be
unwelcome here.  There are a select few who feel I make any contribution.
Gee, I think I know how Linda feels.  And I only deal with you all on the
net.  Sorry, I haven't gotten adept at this editing thing....I either edit
all or none.....

So, those of you who seem to know my personality....thanks. 

To those of you who think I'm an ass....sorry. 

And to those of you who don't know how to give positive feedback in a
teaching manner......maybe I don't listen to negativity.....

Til later.