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Help / parts wanted: 1986 Audi 5000CD Quattro (fwd)

Hi Gang, I apologize for this lengthy post, but I'm hoping somebody
might have suggestions for this gentleman.




        REPLY TO:!
         e-mail:    dbi@golden.net

Request for parts quotation, please:         

1986 Audi 5000 CD Turbo Quattro Sedan    ( it's a CS but marking on rear deck is
 definitely "CD"; is this the original German designation? )
     VIN#:         WAUHE0440GN032331
     Engine: MC
     Transmission:      AES
     Colours:  LYZU / LYZU    grey on grey

   A.looking for the following NEW parts:

1.   oil cooler assembly including bracket, seals, and  hoses to and from turbo charger
   2.water pump and seal
   3.timing belt

   4.front crankshaft seal
   5.front camshaft seal

   6.power steering pump - reconditioned

   7.brake rotors - front
   8.brake pads - front and rear  (open to suggestions, prefer dustless)

   9.shock absorbers - front.  Please indicate components that should be renewed along with strut. also price comparison/benefits of gas vs oil struts.
     Bentley's section 40.10

  10.secondary coolant pump
     (pump to turbo charger after cooling system..
          lesson learned. motor works fine but impeller completely eaten away! )

11.  motor mounts - engine and transmission

12.  hand brake cable to right rear

13.  alternator cooling air hose 

   B.Looking for the following USED parts:

   1.heating system control head  diag. #: 87-A117
   2.heating system programmer   diag. #: 87-A118
     Bentley's section 87.77 and 87.78
       (this is the 86-on digital version)   I have older version from 84-85 year,
        but figure if I have to replace better to go with later model.

   3.center differential lock actuator/vacuum servo
     Bentley's section 34.22

   4.injector cooling unit - corrugated plastic tubing (from fan out-take)
        - hard plastic air distributer/bracket assembly
     Bentley's section 10.16, diag. #: 10-862

5.   window slot seal and door trim assembly. need for both front and rear doors on passenger side
      Bentley's section 57.2

   6.also interested in adding European style, side marker signal lights

   7.plastic bezel that secures leather shift boot to console
     Bentley's section 70.3, diag. #: 70-218 (plastic portion)

8.   assorted Bosch connectors used to connect CIS components. example, I have 
     to rewire the connector assembly by firewall that holds three
     male/female fittings. is there a source to get new replacement
     fittings? if not can they be taken from discarded wiring? our
     winters take their toll on small gauge wiring assemblies 
     example: Bentley's section 28.28 and 28.29.....  two and three prong fittings

  9.   (don't laugh) how about the black plastic cowl with AUDI logo that covers heater units,
        etc. at firewall. this piece was really mangled by an over
        zealous friend. if you have one in good shape perhaps it
        could be cut into 2 or three pieces for shipment. I would
        reattach this end with bracing strips from old unit. 
10.  bracket and bolt that secures and tensions alternator
     Bentley's section 27.13  diag. #: 13-756 - "A" and "B"

11.  do MC engines in USA have preheat air intake? according to Bentley's
     I should have layout as in section 25.10 but have USA and
California version. given the climate, I'd like to add preheat. 

would appreciate suggestions as to how balancer/belt pulley on crankshaft 
can be removed if don't have access to proper tools as described in Bentley's 
manual section 13.15, diagram #: 13-405

     or is there a distributer who sells these at a reasonable price?

     thanks for taking the time,

     tayo de boer


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