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RE: Hail Quattro!! (stooopid question)

On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Reiner Fink wrote:


> lock. If someone else who knows more about torsen differentials and EDL
> can give me any guidance, my ignorant ear would be happy to listen.
> Basically when you lock the center differential this splits power
> equally between the front and rear, and when you lock the rear diff,
> both rear wheels turn at the same rate (note: my experience with this
> comes from playing with capsella as a child :-) Can someone else say
> more on this or under what conditions you would want to lock the center
> diff or both diffs?


Does anyone know of a source of technical info on quattro, torsen
diffs, and the different applications of awd/4wd used by manufacturers
today?  Either in print or on the net? 

Btw, Capsela rocks!


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