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Re: yet another tire info request...

Hairy green toads from Mars made Linus D. Toy say:

> - Dunlop D60A2 JLB--on my 200q, contrary to popular opinion, not a favorable
> experience for me--tough to balance.
> - Michelin XGT H4--on her car now, older tech, too much $$$
> - Pirelli P600 M+S
> - Bridgestone RE930
> - BFG Comp T/A HR4
> - Yok AVID MDH4

I loved the Comp T/A VR4s I ran the last two years. Got 40K out of them,
and they were great tires. The new HR4-2's are supposed to incorporate
a lot of the technology from the V's into them. I almost went with them
last month when I changed. I ended up with the D60A2s, and we've been
very happy together. Except: I hit a good size pothole, and one of my
tires burst about two weeks later from the damage. I run 38 lbs, and I
don't think this was enough of a pothole to be reasonable to blow a tire.

Michelin - Yecchhh. Would never have them. You're right: old technology,
big advertising, big $$$.

Pirelli - Ask Mike LaRosa about my advice on Pirelli (hint: it rhymes
with mooseless trucking fire).


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