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Accusump Pre-Oilers

In response to several posts, here is some information on Accusump
Pre-Oilers. Note that I have only seen one, on Tom Ciesela's 84 4kq,
that I do not have one myself (but maybe.....), and have only minor
experience with:
	Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies
	2475 S 179th St
	New Berlin WI 53146
	800 688 6946

"...An Accusump eliminates this wear by storing pressurized oil before
the engine is turned off. The presssurized oil is then allowed to flow
back into the engine just prior to startup so that oil pressure and flow 
is restored even before the engine is turned over. The second condition
that results in ..damage..when the oil pump pickup is uncovered...hard cornering
or braking...prevents this damage by automatically maintaining oil pressure
when the oil pump stops pumping."

Manual 1qt,2qt,3qt	1249-M,1240-M,1241-M	$140,$175,$175
Electric Solenoid 1,2,3	1249-E,1240-E,1241-E	$230,$265,$265
Elec Small (Street) 1qt	1242-E			$193
Turbo Oiler		1243+adapter kit (var)	$125+$22

"...The Accusump Turbo Oiler...automatically stores a quart of pressurized oil
and meters it out after the engine is turned off...continued lubrication and cooling..."

I hope this helps. If anyone has experience with these please share it,
as I am also contemplating this (read: I turn my car off too quickly).

Glenn Lawton