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WARNING: Funny, but low on Audi content

Hi all,

Thought I'd amuse you with a dealer horror story. It happened to me a
couple of years ago when I took my Opel Kadett for a service, but it
could've happened at a VAG dealer as well, wouldn't put it past them.

When I retrieved my car from the dealer, it was running fine. This was a
nice change from previous experiences, so I paid the bill and happily drove
I'd driven the car 3 miles when it gradually became harder and harder to
change gears. As it had been fine when I drove off, I immediately turned
around and drove back to the garage. When I got there the chief mechanic
got under the bonnet and looked around for a bit. When he eventually
emerged, he had in his hand a very large hammer. Apparently it had become
wedged between the rods of the gearchange mechanism, jamming the lot. The
mechanic who had serviced the car looked shamefaced and had to duck when he
got the hammer thrown at him.
So this shop services my car with a large hammer? Hmmm...

A couple of years later I got hit by a stupid taxi driver ignorant of the
highway code. The front of the car was damaged, and the insurance wrote it
off. As the damage was confined to outer panels I decided to repair the
thing myself, and on disassembling the grille I found the molten remains of
a battery torch wedged in front of the radiator. There was a charred
sticker on it with the name of the shop, so when I was in the neighbourhood
I took it round the dealer. The chief mechanic looked even more sheepish
when I handed the remains to him and told him what he could do with his

1988 80 1.8S

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