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She said, He said

   Dear Trish, 
   BTW, I don't usually start notes to PIT(insert Jack here)A's or fairer
sex puppies with dear.  Me (only maybe) thinks we have stumbled upon a
somewhat minimally epidermal layered lister!  I have not personally seen
some of the afore mentioned epithets applied in your direction.  I, too do
not respond well to negativity, which is why 2 weeks back I tried a little
levity when pointing out to you our friend Dilberts conundrum when
confusing the "global reply" command to the "reply to sender only" command.
  If your still unsure to its proper usage I will be happy to help out a
fellow Granite Stater. 
    While you appear to have quite a performance driving background, I
suspect you where not born as the second coming of Shirley Muldowney.  In
the same vein we don;t expect you to be a web master while your new e'mail
wrapper is still in the trash.  But "we" would appreciate any gains made in
the netiquitte area, from all new/unsure posters. 
     Look at this as a test,  this is not my current account, it is
CNGNYEC@pipeline.com  I look forward to your personal (sender only) reply, 
 Good luck on this mission!  I'm taking a heckuva chance poting this to the
list as I don't know if you unsubbed yet. 
    That said, I will not stand in the way of the current fusillade
probably aimed at the bulls-eye on your back for not knowing how to
unsubscribe.  If you know enough to subscribe, and you do, and can read,
(and you can) and follow directions, (2 out of 3 will win any batting title
or, forgive me, NASCAR title) than you should be able to unsub.  Wet
noodles deserved. 
   Hope to see relevant contributions where applicable and you on sat the
PS I here Vitamin D is good for the skin!