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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1183

Mr. quk@sievers.com (Phil Payne) said:
> > The early 5KT cars had two oil filters - one for the engine, one just 
> > for the turbo oil circuit.  Great idea!!  But they dropped it before 
> > your car.  The later models have only one oil filter.  Boo.
> But that one filter should be a "turbo" filter.  Although all "turbo" seems to 
> mean in this context is an anti-drainback valve.

Hmmm.  Not sure what "turbo" means in this context.  I assumed it 
meant a filter for the turbo oil circuit.  In the US, the term 
"turbo" has also come to be used in all manner of applications, often 
carrying the connotation "high performance", "fast" or "this is a 
really neat thing".  Note that all are undefined.....

I am not familiar with "turbo" filters in any context other than 
those used in a turbo oil circuit.  To my knowledge, an anti-drainback 
valve is only an issue in a filter which is located upside-down 
(solid send up) or sideways.  If the filter points straight down 
(solid end down) then the oil can't drain out anyway.  I am aware 
that the difference in part numbers for outwardly-identical Audi oil 
filters may be that some are anti-drainback valve equipped, and 
others are not.  This is another reason to use my preferred brand of 
filters (which I need not name, I think, having ranted enough about 
them)...as they ALL have both a bypass valve and anti-drainback valve.
 SOP8920@Siena.edu asked:

>      Tonight.. I received my old CB radio from home. I set this up a few years
> ago in my vampire like (it refueses to die) old car. That was quite a few years
> ago... the set up is simple.. three wires to connect plus antennae. One wire
> labeled (+ BATT), one wire labeled (+ switched BATT) and one wire labeled (-
> BATT). 
>      Obviously, this means one wire to a constant 12v, one wire to a source of
> 12v that switches on/off with the ignition, and one wire to ground. Since I've
> played around too much with the Audis electrical system.. I was hoping one of
> you would help me out here. I want the simplest hook up, and don't want to
> strain anything. Obviously, go to the fuse box.. right? Which wire to which
> fuse? I would prefer to keep all the wiring in the cockpit and not have to 
> run a line through  the firewall. 

If you're going to install it permanently, I would be careful in 
finding wires , but I wouldn't go all the way to the fuse box.  For 
instance, you know that the radio + lead is hot all the time.....and 
that circuit in the CB is bound to have minimal current draw.  The 
ground is simple, and it ought to be easy to find a switched + line 
under the dash.

BUT - think about this: their logic is that the CB should be OFF then 
the ignition is off.  You may NOT agree.  In that case, connect both 
+ leads to 12v that's hot all the time, and your CB will operate any 
time.  That's what I'd do.   No reason not to be able to use the CB 
when the engine's off!

If you're going to take the CB in and out, use a cig. lighter plug 
and connect both + wires to the hot side.  I do this for CB's I move 
from car to car.

>      As for placement of the magnetic antenna, I think the simplest place to
> mount it would be to place it on the rear trunklid. I'm not sure if the roof 
> would offer better reception/transmittance quality, but that would mean running
> the cable through the door. Ideas.. comments.. help?

Magnetic antennas provide acceptable but far from optimal service.  
If you're using one, you might as well set the CB up on a cig. 
lighter plug and pull it at the end of the day.  Spend a few more bux 
and mount an antenna on edge of the the trunk lid or some similar 
place.  $25-$30 at Radio Shaft......and the performance will be MUCH 
better.  Then pay someone a couple of bucks to use an SWR meter and 
tune the antenna (by shortening/lenghening) for best performance.

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