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RE: Kancamangus Run Participants

Hi Gang,

        I apologize for posting this to the whole list, but for some reason,
unknown to me, my mail machine will not interface with Paul's machine. I've
had to post to other before to relay messages to Paul. Again, I'm sorry for
the BW and BS.


>Hi Fellow Listers and Kanc-Run Participants,
> Q-Listers.....can anyone else make it?
> If you are in receipt of this letter by "private mail" , you are either
>confirmed as a participant or have asked to be kept apprised of the
>goings on.  So far, we have nine confirmed.  This is just to let you
>know...I'll send one more letter to the Q-list (this one)...and by the
>end of the week send a detailed letter including route options...meeting
>place and time...etc. I will
>determine these things via a "private" participants list to get feedback
>from you.
>The date is officially the 19th of October as you have all indicated is
>The 19th was picked for two reasons...the originator of the idea likes
>the 19th,  (Mike) and because that's when the most cars/people could make
> Very truly yours + doing my best to sort this out,

Hi Paul,

        I didn't see my moniker in the list, but I have every intention of
seeing everyone on the 19th. So, please keep me informed.

                                                Happy motoring,


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