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RE: S4 /A4Q

Interesting. The last thing I heard was that Audi didn't even know what
the problem was (of course, that was a while back, so...) except that a
belt kept on breaking. Halted production of the engine completely. If
it's a supplier's fault, it would be back up and running fairly quickly,
but there was some speculation it could be the 5th valve adding some
strain, and if it is it's a redesign...
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa
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>Fellow digesters...I was just talking to a local AUDI dealer who tells me
>that the A4 with 30V  193bhp engine will begin production in March '97 for
>midlle/late SPRING delivery (here in canada). Anyone out there know
>anything more about this vehicle ? I'm ready to buy.
>TIA. Mitch