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Headlites-9004 to 9007 works OK

Some months back a few list members posted the 9004 to 9007 bulb conversion
in the US aero type headlamps. I've finally gotten around to performing this
and agree that there is a noticable improvement. Not great, but better. I'd
say the low beams now reach out to where the old highs used to go. About a
10% improvement. The new highs don't seem to reach any further, just
illuminate "higher up".

In addition, FWIW, prior to the bulb swap, I had the lights aligned at a body
shop following some body work. This "real" alignment improved the stock
lighting about 10% also.

The low cost/time required for both of the above could be a solution for
some. Be aware that minor mods to the 9007 bulb are needed as well as a wire
swap to the stock wiring sockets.  E-mail me if you are new to the list or
don't have the original posts.

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