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Re: Quattro vs. Subaru AWD

> Well, I guess I'm about to embarrass myself by expressing my ignorance once
> again. I've recently posted some basic audi questions and I must say you all
> have been extremely helpful. Here's the killer:
> I'm about to receive my 97A4Q. My friend owns a Subaru legacy AWD. He was
> saying that the AWD on the subaru was just as good if not better than the
> quattro system. I told him that I didn't think that was the case but I
> couldn't explain why. I'm sure the two systems are not the same, what is the
> difference and why is quattro better?

Can't technically explain them, but I have both. A 95 Legacy wagon (I like to
call it an avant) and a 91 200q (had a 87 5KSQ). I haven't driven the 91 in the
snow, but as compared to my 87, there was not a doubt which one was better. 

The subaru just doesn't have the ability to accelerate whenever you want in deep
snow. The Audi does. No problem. I think the subaru normally is about 90% FWD,
10% RWD and then it is computer controlled to get it to shift the power when the
wheels are slipping. Not as good as the Audi, that's all I know.


91 200q

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