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Der famous LTOY "Linus D. Toy" <linust@interramp.com> asked:

> my choices seem to be:
> - - Dunlop D60A2 JLB--on my 200q, contrary to popular opinion, not a favorable
> experience for me--tough to balance.
> - - Michelin XGT H4--on her car now, older tech, too much $$$
> - - Pirelli P600 M+S
> - - Bridgestone RE930
> - - BFG Comp T/A HR4
> - - Yok AVID MDH4

Linus, I have replaced both Goodyear Eagle NC's on an 84 5KT and 
Eagle GA's on a 90 200 with BFG Comp/TA HR4's.  Theere were about 
four years apart...and two different series of the HR4.  In both 
cases, I found the BFG to ride smoother, to have better wet traction, 
and to have equal dry traction with the Goodyear.  I also feel the 
BFG's handle as well as the OEM Goodyears.  And since they cost about 
60% as much as the Goodyears, I am very happy with them!!  They cost 
me about $80 a corner at a local Discount Tire.  (This was before I 
started seeing mail order ads for Discount, or their local store 
would have matched the price and saved a few bucks more.)

I'm running the D60A2's on my 280ZXT and I agree - they are harder to 
balance then the BFG's.  Actually, I'm a BFG fan.  I have had 
consistent good service and gotten darn good mileage out of BFG 
tires.  For your stated used, I'd recommend them.  They're also easy 
to find in case you have to replace one on trip!  (Like in Ellensburg 
or Vantage....)

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