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Re: 20 Valve Loss of HP and MPG

Hairy green toads from Mars made Michael Benno say:

> Hello
> I'm not sure if this message went through the first time so here it is
> again:
> Car: 1991 90Q 20V
> Problem: About 6 months ago I observed my car had noticeable less HP and
> Mileage had dropped by about 15%. All my driving habits have remained the
> same and I cannot figure out what the problems is.
> The car runs well and does not feel rough. Idle is normal (750-800RPM). No
> warning lights are lit.

Idle on the 90Q20V is supposed to be 950. Mine is right on there. My
100Q idles at 820.

Other than that, my 20V is having some of the same problems. The car
failed the vaccuum test (opened cap and dipstick, car didn't even hiccup).

No vaccuum leak found, though.

I don't know what to try next. Have you checked plugs, cap, and rotor?


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