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RE: Audi Aquisitions

That's all well and good, but I've heard that line of obfuscation and
misdirection before. My question stands. Audi politely dusted me, with
no suggestion of where they'd like me to try. Hoppen obviously doesn't
want to do business with me, I've tried twice. Where do I turn, to get
to an "established" vendor with ties to them? Does anyone other than
Hoppen have the correct lineage in this country? I'm also not trying to
get their trade secrets, my car is seven years old, and not in
contention for the NATCC championship. However, some suspension and
brake parts might make SCCA Solo II, as well as the occasional
cloverleaf, more interesting.

BMW (M Sport) makes this Real Easy, Audi doesn't. Just promulgating this
attitude is not good PR for them. Audi is sometimes perceived as a bunch
of elitist SOBs, this just furthers that. I've seen nothing from the
factory or their anointed in this country to change my current

I *must* be wrong, my Coupe quattro is obviously not an elitist car,
there *have* to be places they distribute through, or racers they have
pronounced fit to wear the colors that would talk to me. Either that, or
I'll have to enjoy my Audi in spite of Audi. Damn shame, isn't it?


Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black
quattro Owners Club member P877

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>You wrote:
>       Not sure if their tour is the correct venue, but where and how 
>does one get info on what parts Audi Sport has?
>Audi Sport has learned over the years to not deal with anyone not
>"established" within the motor sports community. Especially someone
>dont know anything about.  Would you sell your trade secrets to an 
>unknown? Nay!  For people like you and I we must deal with the outer 
>circle of tuners, that have "links" to Audi Sport. ABT, Oettinger, SMS,
>etc...  These tuners make "stuff" for the cars we drive. STREET cars! 
>Everyday driving cars!  Audi Sport makes RACE cars! BIG difference, 
>unless you are a "known" and "established" with DEEP pockets! Its safer
>for them that way. After all, they are THEE "Big Time" in Audi toys!!
>Old saying: Money talks- B*ll*hi* walks. 
>                                      M